Trouble shooting


Turning the watch on/off

On : Hold the power button on the bottom right. The logo illuminates for 22 seconds while the watch is loading. The clock face will appear as the home screen. For a digital clock reading, swipe down.

Off : Settings > System > Power>Shutdown  (see image below)


Tip: Turn the watch off when not in use as it will continue to search for a location and therefore use data and drain the battery. This is essential in areas of poor reception as the watch will work harder to search for a location and therefore likely drain the battery faster.

Always remove when sleeping.


Swipe the screen left/right for menu options. To restart or turn off, select the Settings > System > Power>Shutdown  Swipe down for a digital time reading and to check the battery status (click on the cog top right)

Swipe the screen left/right for menu options. To restart or turn off, select the Settings > System > Power>Shutdown

Swipe down for a digital time reading and to check the battery status (click on the cog top right)

Device shows it’s ‘offline’ after set up attempt

Firstly, ensure the SIM is inserted correctly (gold side up), there is credit loaded and the SIM is activated. You can check this by popping the SIM into your cellphone and checking that you can send and receive data as well as make and receive calls. If you cannot, you will need to contact the SIM provider as it may be an activation issue.

Ensure the location on the registration screen of the app ‘SE Tracker’, is set to Asia/Oceania. If it is accidentally set to the wrong location ie Europe, it will need a reset at our end. Please contact us to arrange

To test if the watch has a connection to your phone after you have registered it, go into the App and select Watch Finder > OK . The phone should do a test ring. This will tell you that the app is now connected to the watch. If it does not connect, please check the steps above.

Device offline after a successful set up

Possible reasons:


  • SIM has no credit (the set up requires data exchange)

  • Device needs restarting (see above) - As well, exit out of the app completely and restart. Wait 2 minutes.

  • Your phone’s wifi connection may have security settings in place blocking the app. This applies to many workplace wifi connections. Try turning your phone to mobile data.

  • Device is in an area of poor reception (try again after 10 minutes)

  • There is a network outage

  • Device has a flat battery




If we have set up your phone, there is nothing you need to do. If you have chosen to switch over to Warehouse Mobile as your network provider, you should update the APN (access point name) to configure it correctly.  You can do this on the watch by following these steps:


Swipe until you see the ‘Settings’ icon and click

Select Wireless and Networks > More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > Select the item that says 2 Degrees Internet > Click APN > Change the text to be warehouse

Click OK.

Why can't my Indee watch receive calls?

Because the phonebook is restricted, the watch needs to recognise all incoming calls in order to answer it. 

If you want somebody to be able to call the watch you will need to add their phone number into the phone book (see instruction guide).  


Why can't my Indee watch make calls?

Because the phonebook is restricted, the watch can only make calls to phone numbers that have been approved and loaded into the app by a parent.

Check that the watch has credit loaded.



Can I share my data plan with the Indee Watch?

Please contact your network provider. The Indee Watch works just as per a regular cellphone, therefore plans such as Red Share could be utilised. We do advise that you purchase a $20 pre pay plan in the first instance to monitor usage. Unless regular calls are being made, $20 should last a few weeks.


Can more than one person track or call the same Indee watch?

Yes. All they need to do is download SE Tracker, go straight to the Login screen (not the registration screen) and enter the username and password that was originally entered by the person who registered the watch.


Can I track two watches at the same time?

Yes. On the App’s menu page, select Me > Add Device > scan the QR code (square silver code on the back of the watch) and put in a nickname. To track the new watch you can switch between watch names on the Map, by selecting Switch and selecting the name of the watch you want to track.


How do I receive SMS text/SOS alerts and low battery prompts from my child?

Under Settings, select SMS Alert numbers and enter the primary number you wish to receive alerts. 

Slide the SOS Prompt button and Low Voltage Prompt button across to on. Note that SMS texts will be charged to the watch each time an alert is sent.


The maps is showing the wrong time on the watch.

Go into Settings>Language and Time Zone and ensure the time is set to East GMT+12:00. For daylight savings, slide the summer bar across. Enter ‘OK’ to set the time.


Sound Quality

Sound quality is slightly less than what you would expect cellphone to cellphone. Some devices may pick up an echo due to the wearable design as the speaker sits near the microphone on the watch. If this happens, you can minimise the echo by reducing the volume on the watch (volume control appears on the watch during a phone call).

You will notice there are days where there is no issue at all but there may be a particular day where you experience insufficient sound quality on your cellphone, we recommend that you utilise the messaging function on the app to communicate with your child.

Rest assure, your child should experience good quality sound through the watch and hear you perfectly well.


GPS – What you need to know.


The Indee watch uses GPS, WIFI and Location Based Services (LBS) to track the location of your child. 

GPS - This is the most accurate form of tracking. The data point from the satellites is tracked every 10 minutes (when in Normal Mode under settings) when your child is outdoors and moving around. GPS on the Indee watch is accurate up to 10-15m. 

WIFI – Similar to GPS. Multiple WIFI networks in your area are required to be able to pick up the most accurate location. Please me aware that some WIFI hotspots may be registered to an address that is different to it’s physical address, if this happens the wrong location may appear on the app, this is not common but something to be aware of.  Once the watch is back outside it will pick up an accurate satellite GPS location again after 10 minutes.

Please note that The Indee watch won’t be physically connected to these networks, they are only used for determining location.

Location Based Services (LBS) - this uses cell towers in your area to detect the location of the watch. This is used only when the GPS signal cannot be picked up or very few WIFI signals are detected. Use of cell towers to track the watch is the most inaccurate as they can often be very far away from one another and from the watch itself. This is especially true if you live in a rural area. Please switch this OFF under your settings as this is often not helpful.

If you have concerns, here is another way to check your child’s location. Use location history on your app to check the route your child has taken. As GPS (red pin on map) is the most accurate tracker, it will always capture the last outdoor location so most of time this will be just outside the school or a friend’s house.

Please note that you can control how often the watch will locate under your settings. In areas of good reception we recommend every 10 minutes (normal mode) in areas of poor reception, we recommend ever 1 hour as the watch will continue to check for a location if It cannot get one and this will quickly drain your battery.

For an immediate update, hit the pin icon (teardrop shaped) on the map. Exit the map, wait 30 seconds and go back in to refresh the location. On occasion it may take a minute to update the location. The colour of the pin on the map will indicate if it is a WIFI network location (green) or a GPS Satellite location (red).


What if my screen cracks?

The screen is durable but if there is forceful impact on the display, it will crack or break. Unfortunately, this is the nature of display screens, and at present the noncrack screens available in the market are far too costly to produce.  

Our manufacturer’s warranty does NOT cover cracked screens and this is the case with most consumer electronics products with a display screen.