As parents we understand that your expectations of a product with features such as GPS tracking and SOS alerts will be high. As much as we would love to promise a product that will meet your expectations in all situations, there are limitations that are outside our control.

We will use our best efforts and endeavours to rectify any issues as they arise.  Not withstanding, by purchasing this product you agree to the following TERMS OF SERVICE:


1)      This product is intended as a communications device for your convenience, not as a primary safety device.

2)      This product is not intended to replace responsible parenting.

3)      SOS messages and GPS may not work accurately at all times, due to conditions outside of our control such as and not limited to: indoor environments, poor reception and insufficient battery.

4)      As we are not the owners or operators of the tracking application we are not responsible for guaranteeing uninterrupted, timely, secure or error free use of this service.

5)      It is the responsibility of the purchaser to understand and monitor data and call usage. For this reason, we recommend utilising a pre-pay plan.

6)      The purchaser accepts that we cannot guarantee ongoing access to current service providers.