When is new stock arriving?

As at February 2019, we will not be ordering any further stock. We’ve had a great two years providing families with a safe alternative to a cellphone, however the demands of both family life and other work commitments outside of Indee have increased to the point where we feel we can no longer give it the time needed.

We may look to offer some refurbished stock at a reduced price at the end of March.

We will continue to provide customer service care to existing customers for the duration of their warranty period.


What is an Indee watch?

In short, the Indee watch is a wearable cellphone. However, what makes it unique, is that it is a parent controlled cellphone meaning there are restrictions. The watch can only call numbers that have been loaded into the app and can only receive calls from numbers that have been loaded into the app, numbers are not stored on the SIM. There are other safeguards, e.g. the child cannot accidentally turn off the watch by pressing the power button and there is no access to the internet or SMS texting.

See 'Key Features' for a list of all the functions that are included.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: The Indee Watch body is effectively a small version of a cellphone. The screen WILL likely break if dropped or knocked on a hard surface, just like a regular cellphone. Its intention, is for it to be worn walking to and from school and riding the bus etc. It should always be removed during sports/physical activity. In addition, the watch is not waterproof so must be removed for swimming/showering etc. The warranty does not cover any form of water damage or screen damage. If the screen requires replacement, there can be a lengthy delay as it needs to be sent overseas for repair.

We recommend children be over the age of 8yrs and have an awareness of the above mentioned.


What is the cost the 3G  wearable Indee Watch?

$199 +$7 for an overnight courier. Please refer below for information on ongoing costs.


What age range is the Indee Watch suitable for?

Due to size, we suggest 8+.


Do you have an option for under 8yrs?

As we want to exclusively stock 3G, there is no suitable 3G option for under 8yrs at this stage (2G junior model has been discontinued). Our new 3G model is not suitable for a small wrist, as well the interface requires some tech savvyness. 

We cannot give a date at this stage as to if or when we will be stocking watches for 8yrs and under. 


Can it be used overseas?

The Indee Watch is on the 900 / 2100 frequency band so as long as the overseas network runs on this frequency, it will work.. Currently, the watch can be used in Australasia, Asia, Europe, Africa. It is not compatible in North America.


Which network do I use?

The INDEE Watch runs off the 3G network on the 900/2100 frequency band.

Compatible networks are: Warehouse Mobile, Vodafone, 2 Degrees. Note that the 2 Degrees rounding policy on prepay results in a higher cost than other providers. Currently, Warehouse Mobile have the most affordable rates at 4c/minute to talk and less than 5c per day for data.

If you wish to use Warehouse Mobile, please select the additional option of a SIM package on the shopping cart. We will set up your watch so it is all ready to go, there is no additional cost for this option and the SIM also comes with $5 credit included.

Spark and Skinny are not compatible.


Are there any ongoing costs?

Your new INDEE watch requires a SIM card just like a regular cellphone so will require connection to a payment plan or pay and go pre-pay. Generally, unless your child makes regular long phone calls from their watch, running costs a very low. Data is used if your child sends you a voice message (you receive the msg via the app), if the location is updated or the watch settings are being updated. If they make a call to you, then it is charged at the minute rate of their network provider. There is no charge to receive a call, as per a regular cellphone. You can expect data costs to be relatively low, a few cents a day. Here is an example of daily data usage. 




Example of data charges



How reliable is coverage?

While we would love to promise that the watch will have 100% coverage at all times, it is simply impossible to verify every location and guarantee 100% coverage. Generally most of the time, you should get good coverage. However, due to the wearable nature and size of the device you may at times experience reception less that what you might expect from a dedicated cellphone. 


What app is used? 

The INDEE Watch currently uses the app SE Tracker. This is a widely used GPS tracker app that is available for free.  

Note: As this is a free app with no ongoing subscription requirement, there are pop-up ads that can be removed for a fee.


Can it be used at the pools or beach?

No. The watch is not waterproof and should be removed where there is a risk of contact with water. The warranty does NOT cover water damage.


How is the watched charged and how long should I expect it to last before needing to be recharged?

Charge time is around 2 hours. Once fully charged, the watch should last for 1-2 days depending on various factors such as calls made, whether you live in a remote area (additional attempts to gather a GPS location may be required using data/battery) and how often you have set your watch to check the location. Every 1 minute will require daily charging. If battery life is a concern you can set the watch to check the location every hour.

We also advice that the watch be switched off at night and when not in use as it will continue to use data and battery life if left on.

What you need to know about GPS

GPS is a useful tool to use in open spaces, for example while camping, boating, sports fields and walking to and from places. GPS is unable to pass through solid structures so is unlikely to work indoors, underground, under the water, or under a dense canopy of trees. 

The INDEE Watch carries a real time GPS chip which is different, for instance to a Fitbit which only allows an historic route to be downloaded after use. This allows you to track your child's journey by simply hitting the 'locate' button on the app. It should be noted however that depending on what setting you are on, the recording device can update every 1 minute or every 10 minutes or every hour. The more regular the device updates the location, the more battery it will use.


How long will my INDEE watch take to arrive once I have placed my order?

You should receive your order in 2-3 working days.


What happens if I have trouble setting up my watch?

Firstly, check out our FAQ page, this will generally answer most set up issues. If you still require help, you can email us at info@indee.co.nz. Most offline issues can be solved by restarting both the watch and the app.